What is "MOBIRY?"

MOBIRY is a digital ticket service that allows you to purchase a ticket on the Internet and then
simply show it to the driver on your smartphone when you get on/off public transportation.

What you can do with "MOBIRY"

Advantages of MOBIRY 01

Enjoy unlimited use of public
transportation in the Hiroshima City
and Miyajima areas during the period
of validity of your ticket.

  • World Heritage Sites in the "Hiroshima and Miyajima Areas"
  • Maritime Self-Defense Force in the "Kure Area", "Etajima Area"
  • Trip around Sandankyo Gorge, a Nation's Special Place of Scenic Beauty in the "North Area of Hiroshima Prefecture"

Affordable plans are available for each sightseeing area, via streetcar, bus, ferry, and ropeway. It is also convenient to travel from Hiroshima Airport to the city by express bus.

  • Choose from a wide variety of plans by length of stay x destination!
  • Optional tickets for Miyajima Ropeway and long-distance buses are also available!
Advantages of MOBIRY 02

It's easy and convenient to purchase a "digital ticket" without an app!

Just log in to the website with the browser on your smartphone!
Tickets can be purchased in advance with a smartphone or a computer. You can purchase a ticket for multiple people (such as an adult and a child), which is very convenient.
And payment is easy with a credit card.

  • You can also purchase tickets for traveling companions (children, etc.) at the same time.
  • Payment is easy with a credit card!
Advantages of MOBIRY 03

Just show your smartphone when you get off!

Just show the digital ticket on your smartphone!
With cashless payment you can get on and off public transportation smoothly and easily, making your travels more enjoyable.
Tickets are available on an hourly basis (8, 24, 48, and 72 hours). Once you activate your ticket, you can enjoy unlimited use of public transportation during your ticket's period of validity.

  • Purchase a ticket in advance, and then simply log in and display it on your smartphone's screen when you want to use it!
  • You can use your ticket as much as you want during the amount of time you purchase!
Advantages of MOBIRY 01

In addition to streetcar and bus tickets, you can also purchase a 1-day bicycle sharing pass and receive special discounts on car rentals!

  • Purchase a 1-day pass for Hiroshima City Bicycle Sharing "Peacecle".
    MOBIRY users have instant access to bicycle sharing.
  • Nippon Rent-a-Car offers a special discount to MOBIRY users.
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